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museramble's Journal

The Ramble
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This is a rpg community belonging solely to rainydaymare, straydogstrut and their muses as they appear.

+Outside membership will probably be unaccepted if we don't know you.
+All muses here in Museramble are of the mods own concoction. Please do not steal them!
+This is just some fun for two friends, so please do not flame us or something stupid if you read it and don't like.

+maroonboy -sheltered prince on an ego trip
+drinking_song -embraces alcoholism, but in a fun way
+cussing_sparrow -still got it going on, baby
+hes_unimpressed -he is, you know
+i_am_chinook -the kinda guy you'd want your mom to date
+heretic_cleric -didn't join the covent for the free laundry service
+oli_oli_oxnfree -likes to think he's a pinnacle of normality
+psychopompously -a few therapy sessions short of being welcome at the country club
+mhirai_dareya -Pencil.
+quackface -a blow to the head will fix you right up
+rhikatrazari -si thassrai il thraci
+gracelessnote -looks great in bad turtlenecks